Foot Suck – THE MEAN GIRLS – Suffer For My Soles – Goddess Platinum

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Wow. I’ve met some foot hella foot freaks in my life but this one tops them all. For real this freaking loser flew over 12hrs because it’s so obsessed with my perfect feet. Like, that’s commitment…lol.
This loser contacted me less than a month ago begging to come worship my perfect feet. Stating that it had not seen such perfection before…I know losers…I’m perfect from my head to my perfect toes.
When my new little Czech slave arrived at the Mean Girl Manor after flying all that way and paying all that money, I made sure I came to the door with my perfect pedicure toes exposed….just to see this freak drool…hahahahaha.
Numerous times this slave said that he was an amazing foot worshipper and could give a great massage, but that’s what all you foot freaks say. So I decided I would see how bad it really wanted my perfect feet. We played a little game. A game I like to call “Suffer For My Soles”.
Mind you, this loser hasn’t done any pain slave sessions and I’m wiling to see how much it will take just to be able to worship my feet. I had my phone and I would set the stopwatch and this loser would get 1 minute of worshipping my perfect fucking feet in return I get to beat it for a full minute. It’s only fair…hahahaha.
Man oh man…I was really surprised. It probably would have kept going…until I beat it to pulp. What a good little foot freak!