Foot Worship – Lil Canadian Girl starring in video ‘Smell My Feet 2’

Lil Canadian Girl starring in video Smell My Feet 2  preview

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It has been so fucking hot outside, my feet have been sweating all day in these socks and shoes. I talk about how sweaty and stinky they are, Im going to make you smell them. I take off my shoes slowly and I shove the shoe in your face. You need to smell the inside, and the bottoms of my feet. My socks come off and I make you smell them as well. Deep breaths of my sweaty feet. Now you smell my pantyhose and see my feet through them. I peel them off and now you have my bare feet to enjoy right in your face. We finally get your cock out so I can aggressively rub my toes all over your balls, and Im not gentle. One foot pressing on your balls and one foot in your face to smell. I take my pantyhose and squeeze the sweat all over your cock. Finally Im going to make you cum, but only when I cum. I rub my pussy and tell you to cum with me while I press all over your balls. After we orgasm, I give you the socks and pantyhose to take home.