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Posted: July 19, 2021
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The Mean Girls  Poolside Cuck   Goddess Randi preview

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My boyfriend and I are sitting out by the pool. I have Our slave kneeling at Our feet while we lay out and enjoy the sun. Eventually I decide to show off and humiliate the cuck just for fun. I make him lick the dirt off the BOTTOM of My shoes while I make out with My hot BF. All I can do is laugh because I am thinking about how My BF gets to taste my lips while My fucking pathetic cuck has to taste the dirt and GRIT off the sole of My shoes. And he has to look up at us kissing the entire time too! LOL.
Then I decide to make it even worse for the cuck. First I lock him up in chastity to make SURE he doesn’t get ANY enjoyment out of even licking the dirt off the soles of My shoes. (My BF has never seen a device like that and thinks its hilarious that I can lock up its cock like this.) Then I bend him over and Handcuff him. So now all he can do is desperately lap at the soles of My shoes while kneeling on the hot, hard pavement and look up at Me n My BF enjoying each others’ bodies… haha. I love torturring slaves emotionally even worse than physically sometimes! ��
(There is some wind noise in this clip because it was shot outside)


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