Foot Worship – THE MEAN GIRLS – The Boss-Bitch and Her Pathetic Assistant – Ms. Platinum

 THE MEAN GIRLS  The BossBitch and Her Pathetic Assistant   Ms Platinum  preview

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Ms. Platinum is the hottest, but most difficult & demanding boss anyone could ever work for. This poor slob is her newest Personal Assistant, and is accompanying her to a meeting at a huge account. She humiliates him by making him get every door for her, she makes him carry her purse in public, and she berates him in front of everyone. She even makes him go up to the counter in the gift shop of this building to buy her Midol for her menstrual cramps! She just simply hates him. Why? Just because she hates men in general. So she sends him off on an errand and calls corporate to discuss firing him. They say they would prefer her to make him quit, rather than firing him. That way the company doesn’t need to pay him. So Ms. Platinum decides she will simply degrade and humiliate him until he quits. It should be easy. When her assistance comes back, she demands that he literally get down on all fours in the middle of the public elevator and KISS HER FEET while expressing how much he “loves” working for her! She doesn’t think he will really do it- but he does! Then, while he is down there, she demands that he SHINE HER SHOES WITH HIS TONGUE! Again, she thinks he will surely quit- but NO! He sinks to new lows by literally shining his boss’s work pumps with his own tongue! All while she looks down upon him with contempt and disgust. She needs to take this to the next level, apparently… So Ms. Platinum walks over to a nearby couch in the lobby, sits down, crosses her amazing legs, and demands that her assistant literally KNEEL before her- she says that she does not even want him sitting on the same furniture as her. She wants to make it very clear to him that he is BENEATH her. Then she demands that he LICK THE DIRT AND FILTH OFF THE BOTTOM OF HER WORK PUMPS!! Surely he will not put up with this and actually do it…but to her shock and amazement, he DOES it!! Well, it looks like the debasement of this “Pathetic Assistant” is going to have to go to new depths…because this idiot obviously wants to work for Ms. Platinum REALLY badly for some reason. Maybe he has some sort of on her- and will put up with anything, no matter how badly he treats him? What will it take to make him quit??? As he is licking the filth off the soles of her shoes in the middle of a public lobby, she begins discussing his already pathetic salary- and how she is going to be cutting it down to NOTHING… (watch the clip to see if her PA actually agrees to work for this “Boss Bitch” for FREE!) ***(This clip is a little choppy, but it actually WAS filmed in the middle of a public building!!!)***