Footfetishbb – Lady Bellatrix – They’re dirty, you’re Dirty

Lady Bellatrix  Theyre dirty youre Dirty preview

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However, back to your work, start licking her shoes, the entire surface and the soles too of course. Bellatrix gives you exact orders as how and where to lick and warns you that you’d better do it right or suffer the consequences. Next she tells you to stick the heel into your mouth and to suck it, she wants to hear blowjob noises coming from your mouth. “I might bring a man home tonight so this will be good practice for you” she says. She knows you have an oral fixation and love things in your mouth. Bellatrix then tells you to move back so she can inspect her shoes, she dangles the shoe from her toes and shows you her sole. She then kicks the shoe off and tells you to get on the ground and to sniff her shoe. When she calls you back up you see her shoes are both off her feet, she rolls her soles and spreads her toes and tells you to come up and worship them. “I want you to savor that smell and taste while I’m out tonight” she tells you