Footfetishbb – Stella Liberty, Raven Eve – Double Domme Soles

Stella Liberty Raven Eve  Double Domme Soles preview

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Raven Eve and I are sitting in front of you and the only thing you can focus on is our feet and our dangling heels. We have just gotten out of a long session and now are sparing some time for our little foot loser. You think you are a real submissive but the truth is you are nothing but a loser foot fetishist. Controlled by our yummy toes and feet. You think a loser like you should even be allowed to have a real women like us? No your job is to be just a dirty foot licker and to make them nice and moist after a long hard workday. You need to make sure to get in between each toe and wrinkle and prove that you are worth our time. You say you want to please us, but every time we want to spank, or cane your pathetic fetishist body you scream for mercy. No tiny dicked loser could really please us so you are resigned to being our foot cleaner. You better do a good job, because it will be so easy to replace you. Make sure you earn your spot!