Footlicking – Brat Princess 2 – Kat – Worship My Feet You Pathetic Idiot

 Brat Princess 2  Kat  Worship My Feet You Pathetic Idiot  preview

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Kat plays around on her phone while an old loser worships her perfect feet. He is almost invisible to her. Kat laughs at a funny thing her amazing boyfriend sent her. He is so sexy and funny and the old loser is such a fool. He is very lucky to be kept around to worship Kat’s perfect feet. The loser does not worship Kat’s feet perfectly to her liking, so she gets mad. Kat puts down her phone and slaps the old loser in the face. Kat gets aggressive as the old fool incurs her wrath. She becomes very forceful with her feet, forcing them harder and deeper into the old loser’s mouth. Kat has had her way with the old man’s wallet, as well as his mouth. Her amazing boyfriend would never have to pay to get with a girl the way the old man does. Kat reminds the old loser that her boyfriend gets to fuck her. All the loser gets to do is worship feet, not her ass, not her pussy, just her feet. He isn’t anywhere near worthy of the rest of her body.