Footlicking – Czech Soles – She loves to have her BIG feet worshiped

 Czech Soles  She loves to have her BIG feet worshiped  preview

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Charlie and his roommate Cat are living together for few months now and everything is going fine until today. Just now Cat has returned from work after 12 hour shift. She’s tired and her feet hurt and they are pretty smelly. She shares that with Charlie and than she goes to bed for a while. The minute she leaves the room Charlie starts to smell her shoes she left there but what he did not expect is that she’ll be back in few minutes. Cat catches Charlie sniffing her shoes and she starts to laugh. It looks like she’s surprised and amused but she’s not mad or anything, she actually does not mind. Great! Cat tell Charlie to continue if he really likes it and he all for it of course. Charlie is having his way with her feet, worshiping them, smelling her soles and toes and turns out in time that she actually enjoys this very much. At first it was funny for her, something to laugh about but now Cat really likes how it feels to have her big sexy feet worshiped. Too bad Charlie did come clean much sooner…but there will be enough time to make up for it since Cat will demand it every day after work. The fun has just begun.