Forced Orgasm – Miss Roper – Out Of Chastity & Ruined By Miss Roper

 Miss Roper  Out Of Chastity  Ruined By Miss Roper  preview

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How would it feel, to be locked in Chastity for months at a time? Your cock, the rest of your body & more importantly your mind; torment and teased throughout your days to no end. This may be a fantasy for some, and a bitter sweet reality for others. Imagine the day of your release after all that time, the feeling of the lock unclasping, the gentle sigh of relief when you feel your prison removed from in between your legs. However the unexpected happens. A soft, warm hand reaches towards your member and you instantly grow hard in the palm, a groan nearly escaping your lips as you feel a finger twirling around your swollen head. You feel right then as if you could burst from the seems, your body tumbling into sensory overload at the feeling of skin on skin. This is what you’ve be longing for, what you and that cock have been aching for. And you now what I, as your keyholder have been waiting for? This very moment. The moment where you naively let yourself go, the moment you get lost in your delusions and day dreams due to your own ego-driven sexual frustrations that you forget just who you’re under ownership of, the sexual sadist. I never go tired of reminding you, by ruining you. Crumbling the reality of your wet dreams…