Forced Orgasm – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Last chance before castration

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Last chance before castration  preview

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While traveling with one of My slaves, My “pink poodle”, I decided to meet another potential slave, to interview him for a position in My harem. I don’t want to take My pet with Me to the meeting, and there’s no cage in the hotel room (not a very Femdom-friendly hotel, right?), so I have to improvise a way to make sure My slave will not go through My things, sniffing My worn panties or leather boots. A nice predicament position, with his hands in an armbinder and his nose holding a coin against the wall should do just fine.
When I come back several hours later, the coin seems to be still on the wall, but My pet doesn’t seem too happy to see Me. I would expect to see his cock hard in that pink chastity cage, but it’s soft and small. Has he become completely impotent? his cock is already quite useless, being so tiny one could mistake it for a clitty, but if it can’t even get hard – I should just have My pet neutered. It will definitely improve his behavior, it does so for all pets, and there would be nothing to lose… unless he can prove Me he can still get hard and cum on My command. Otherwise – bye bye balls!..
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