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Posted: March 8, 2023

Goddess Natalie 2019 Tied up and teased preview

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So, today I woke up feeling quite naughty and in the mood to tie my little pet up. After all, he’s so much fun to torment, isn’t he? And I have a couple of new ropes, handcuffs, whips and gags I want to test out, so he seems like the perfect candidate.
Isn’t it sweet how I don’t even have to try and convince he, but he’d simply volunteer and let me do anything I wish to him? Just like you should yourself, little pup! Are you curious what I’d do to you if you were here and I could tie you all up?
Well go ahead and find out, little one! I’m sure you’re dying of curiosity already and just thinking about it, letting your mind drift away and fantasize already got you all worked up and hard, didn’t it? Let’s see if your fantasy and my dirty mind imagined the same thing!


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