Games – Goddess Natalie – Draining my bitch – Cocktease

 Goddess Natalie  Draining my bitch  Cocktease  preview

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Wondering how fast and how well I can take a little bitch’s money away? Well, it’s pretty easy for someone like me – all I need to do is to sit there looking pretty, snapping my fingers and reminding you of what a little loser you are and BOOM… ….there goes all of your hard-earned money that you spent hours to make at work this week! But after all, it shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore – that money didn’t TRULY belong to you to begin with, so you’re only fixing things up by giving it up me! Putting it back where it belongs – in my bank account – is what you were meant to be doing, and you’re lucky you have me to train you how to do that! You’re just one of the many lucky boys I trained this week! And because I’m feeling generous, I will allow you to watch how I drained one of my little bitches live on cam this week. As a way to thank me for making this public, though, you’re gonna have to send a tribute whenever I snap my fingers, too – at the same time with him! Impress me!