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Posted: September 10, 2022

Domina Planet  Fart Face 18 Seal And Swallow preview

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Goddess Abigail is hanging out and helping to educate Her good friend Goddess Blaze in some of the more advanced methods of male training, and in particular, extreme degradation and converting a slave into a full human toilet. She has Her pig slave splayed out on a sofa, hands chained above his head and appropriately wearing a pig mask. Her and Goddess Blaze walk in wearing just black PVC bra-tops and nothing else.
“So today we’re taking things one step further and besides just smelling and tasting our farts, we are going to first, make him seal his mouth to your anus immediately after farting in his face. He will then suck out and swallow the fart itself. This gets him one step closer to swallowing something more…substantial”
Goddess Blaze just laughs and says:
“This is gonna be fun. Can I go first?”
Goddess Abigail agrees and Blaze straddles the slave’s face with Her ass in his face. She spreads Her hot little ass cheeks wide, revealing Her brown starfish to the slave’s nose. She wrinkles up Her nose and pushes, farting in the slave’s face a fairly quiet one, but nevertheless, he keeps his tongue stuck out and She rocks back onto his tongue, Goddess Abigail loudly ordering him to swallow. Goddess Abigail lubes up his cock and starts to jerk him, getting him hard almost immediately after smelling Her fart.
He gulps down the fart and after smothering him in the stench for a while, She lifts back up to a gasping pig slave. She spreads the cheeks wide again, and this time blasts the pig with a long, wet, greasy, nasty sounding fart directly in his mouth. He starts gagging on the stench but She sits back onto his outstretched tongue too quickly, and it slides up Her rectum his face disappearing while Goddess Abigails has his cock hard as steel, jerking him but not allowing him to cum.
“Swallow it slave! Seal your lips on my anal lips and suck that precious fart gas out of my ass. It’s your special treat, bitch”
She blasts him over and over until Goddess Abigails mounts his prone body and spreads Her big round ass cheeks. She blasts the slave with a long, wet flapping fart, warning him:
“You’d better get every bit of that, slave! You let some escape from your mouth! I TOLD YOU, SEAL YOUR PIG LIPS AROUND MY ANUS, NO TONGUE YET. When the fart comes, you will immediately swallow and then starts tongue swabbing to clean any residue from the fart. Don’t forget to thank me for each one too, bitch. It’s not everyone I allow to smell and taste my insides like this”
She makes him put the tip of his tongue on Her anus and blasts him with long, nasty fart after fart, berating him to


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