Goddess Fem Dom – Hypnotic Natalie – Washing the “NO” off his tongue

Hypnotic Natalie  Washing the NO off his tongue  preview

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At our little family Xmas party, I decided to invite my step-brother upstairs, since things were getting rather boring down there! He has no idea what I wanted to talk about and came to my room right away! He’s in for a little surprise, though, cause I’m wearing one of my sexiest Christmas outfits, and I know he will give into my charms. I am about to tell him that what I really want as a present this year is for him to kiss and sniff my ass! And…oh well, if he will try to run away and say no, I am going to wash that NO off his tongue and clean that dirty mouth up the best way I know! I’m sure it will just take a couple of scrubs for him to turn around and be a very good boy! He will never say no to me ever again! Even if I will ask him to kiss my ass without any panties on or even to sniff my stinky farts! I always knew he’d come around and be well-behaved, just like he should be!