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Posted: July 6, 2024

Natashas Bedroom 2020  Breath Play Orgasm preview

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Dont think. Dont breathe until I say. Just jerk. The more your body begs for oxygen, the harder youll stroke. Theres no need to fill your lungs, because all that matters right now is your cock and ME. The breathless spinning of your mind will only make those jerks feel better, youll see. Im going to guide you through the body and mind bending pleasure of an oxygen deprived orgasm.    The first edging round is easy. The deep, fast breaths I have you take after is almost as as the breath holding. Your cock gets harder as your lungs strain with each round. Youre breathing fast and slow and, increasingly, not at all.    The oxygen deprivation intensifies the masturbation stimulation. The intensity builds. You would beg to cum if you could, but Ive made you too powerless to speak. To powerless to think.    How far can you make it? My cum countdown begins, and your lungs are pitted against your cock. Which one will win? My shiny bodysuit slides down, and I tease you with my naked body. Im going to make you cum breathlessly.   Youll also love:Hands Off JOI Breathless Edging Breath Play


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