Goddess Saucha – THE MEAN GIRLS – Re-educating Uncle Tom – Saucha X

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Reeducating Uncle Tom   Saucha X  preview

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This black slave has a confession for Saucha X. He prefers to serve and kiss the feet of white goddesses. No, no, no, Goddess Saucha X has seen this before. She’s not mad at the slave, she just knows he’s confused, and that he needs proper training, re-education to understand the superiority of worshiping HER smooth cocoa skin. She makes him start by kissing her boots. Usually we’re a lot let merciless on our slaves than in this clip, but Saucha X takes it pretty gentle on him because she wants to teach him rather than punish him. He’ll take her toes into his mouth, and he’ll learn how wrong he was. And every time her toes scrape the back of his throat he’ll get a new lesson on why Her feet are the superior ones.