Goddess Worship – Humiliation POV – Cum With Your Head In The Bowl You Disgusting Freak

 Humiliation POV  Cum With Your Head In The Bowl You Disgusting Freak  preview

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You are a little toilet slave, aren’t you? You love excrement. I’m not going to hold back, I want you to release your fecal matter right now on the floor. That’s so disgusting! You are disgusting! And I know you’ve been wanting to be my toilet slave. I wonder what I’m going to have you do with all of that fecal matter?
Today we’re going to really define what a toilet slave is. It’s someone who will do anything for me especially in regards to their fecal matter. So I want you to get on your hands and knees and inhale it. Ugh that’s so gross! And you know what the next step is? I want you to take it in your mouth. Do it! Eat it off the ground with your mouth. Now go drop it in the toilet. And I want you to keep doing that over and over again. Take fecal matter in your mouth and drop it off with your mouth in the toilet.
That’s so so gross! That is seriously so disgusting. Now I want you to lick that spot where the fecal matter was and lick it clean. Ewww look how turned on you are! You’re so hard from this. That’s the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard. You’re one fucked up disgusting freak.
Now go to the toilet where you dropped off all of that fecal matter and put your entire fucking face in the bowl. And I want you to stroke while your face is underwater in the bowl. Good boy. This is what you deserve. And I know that it makes you want to cum. I want you to prove to me how much this disgusting fecal matter turns you on. I want you to cum for me while your face is still in the bowl. Ewwww that is so gross! This legitimately turns you on, doesn’t it? You really are my toilet slave.