Goddess Worship – The Princess Miki – Mentally Enslaved

 The Princess Miki  Mentally Enslaved  preview

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There’s something so very sexy about this angle. You see Me looking down at you, and you can’t help but crave being here in real life, at My feet, looking up at your Goddess. Perhaps you wish you could secure a real time session with Me, or become My live-in slave.
I bring out the leash, and this is when you imagine Me securing the collar around your neck… except I don’t want to engage in role-play today.
There’s something special about what we have, regardless of the fact that you’re worshipping Me from afar. You don’t need literal restraints to make you feel so helpless. You don’t need to be in My presence to feel Me.
This is mental domination — something real and something very powerful. It’s unique in the sense that I have this much power and influence over you, even if I’m thousands of miles away. I demonstrate an incredible understanding of your psyche despite having never met you before.
That’s why you keep coming back to watch more and more of Me, even if you do crave something in person.
You shouldn’t crave anything. You should feel at peace with this.
These aren’t just clips, and you aren’t just watching Me speak to a camera. I’m speaking to a deeper part of your soul. This is real.
Website: WorshipPrincessMiki