Handcuffs – Goddess Natalie starring in video ‘Taken away by a witch’

Goddess Natalie starring in video Taken away by a witch preview

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Aaaww look at this little virgin, doesn’t he look cute to kidn*p and tie onto my bed? I bet the other witches are gonna be extremely happy with my little prey once they get back home!
Yep, this little pet got in trouble – he was wandering through the woods all by himself when I found him, and I can smell a virgin from kilometers away. He is definitely the kind that will be fun to k*ll and use the red-life-juice of hahaha
But before I think of executing him, why not have a little fun with my little treat? I thought it’d be fun to tie him up and put him to sl**p while I prepare a potion that will make him tell the truth and only the truth, then play a little game of truth or dare. He doesn’t seem to have that many fun things to hide, though, so maybe I’ll just turn that potion into a transformation one.
Do you think I should turn him into a frog? Or maybe a pig? Hmm..how about a puppy or a pony? lol �� Well..I guess you shall find out all by yourself what I end up turning him into…or maybe I’ll turn both of you, who knows?