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Posted: January 23, 2022

Olivia Rose Fetish  Late Cable Man Busted preview

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Olivia Rose calls the cable company to discuss Olivia Rose’s situation when the cable guy arrives. He is aware that he is in trouble from the moment he arrives. Olivia is upset at how late he made her go to the interview. He would like to show his support. She says that she only enjoys doing one thing to men who make her mad. He agrees, so she threatens to punish him for being late. She begins immediately to kneel him in his balls, counting each one. She then begins to push him forward with her pointed shoes. He doubles over in pain as she continues to kick him with her pointy dress shoes. She kicks him repeatedly. He demands she stop and begins to plead with her to stop. Olivia then removes her shoes and kicks him using her bare feet. She is determined to kick him every second. By letting him sit down, she makes him believe he is receiving a break. Then she starts kneeing him. She tells him she won’t stop until he demands to be fired. She just keeps going. He tells her he feels sick and she offers to make him a deal. She will give him one more kick and then let him come up to her again. She kicks him hard and decides to call the boss.


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