Human Atm – American Mean Girls – Piggy Bank Cuck – Goddess Platinum

American Mean Girls  Piggy Bank Cuck   Goddess Platinum preview

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My poor old cuck-paypig. It is sooo in love with me, even though I treat it like dirt and blatantly use him. Like, I literally keep it locked in a cage for days at a time while I am out fucking my hot, young, muscular boyfriends- and using my cuck’s money to pay for the dates! And the worst part is, I literally TELL my cuck to its face what I am doing, and that it is just a human piggie bank to me. It means nothing to me. And yet it still loves and worships me!
I tell my stud lover about my cuck-pig and that I keep t locked up in a cage. He wants to go see this! We decide it will be fun to really torment the old loser…
While we are literally making out on top of its cage, I make sure to tell my paypiggie cuck how little it means to me while I am fooling around with my big, muscular stud boyfriend right in front of him! I really rub it in about how we are out spending its money on US having fun together- while it is locked up down here in a cage like a fool.
Just to add to its humiliation (and show off a little to my BF) I decide to give my cuck-pig a little treat at the end…