Humiliate – Ball Busting Beauties – BBB – Dangerous Dealings – Lusty Landlord

Ball Busting Beauties  BBB  Dangerous Dealings  Lusty Landlord preview

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Currently out of work, Jay is just sitting around relaxing at home not doing anything when suddenly his sexy landlord, Tomiko, enters the room. He knows that the rent is late and he tries to come up with a bullshit excuse but she isn’t interested in hearing his sad stories. Tomiko has come to collect she pressures him further to until he finally asks her to stop busting his balls. This gives her a brilliant idea and she immediately kicks her loser tenant in the groin! In shock and pain from the testicular assault, Jay is given a choice: he can get kicked out of the house or kicked in the balls to cover the rent. He agrees to the busting and Tomiko begins to knee and kick his testicles, further humiliating him when he falls to his knees by making him worship and rub her feet. When he stands again she immediately realized he has grown a massive erection from kissing and touching her perfect feet and kicks him even more! Finally, Tomiko makes him agree to become her sex slave. She leaves him on his knees in a state of pain and excitement at the idea of being his hot landlord’s sex slave!!