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The beautiful Mistress has to go to german teacher. She must learn this languague to talk abaut her cases with her business partners. But… the german languague and the german teacher are both boring to the Mistress. So she asks the teacher to get off her beautiful red sandal. The poor teacher gets very embarrased. After the Lady goes to the toilet the teacher starts to sniff her sandal. What a delicius a scent! But unfortunatelly the Misstres suddenly comes back and asks the teacher. He gets very embarrased again but it is too late to explain anything. The Lady starts to tell him who is she (she is a lifestyle dominatrix) and what are her rules. So the man must pay with a lot of money if he wants to worship her shoes or feet. But the teacher hasn’t got enough money to pay the Lady. But there is another way so he can pay with his pain. Yesss! This is Lady Cruella’s favourite hobby to torture her poor slaves. She decides that she will do wipping and spanking to her new slave. After that she starts wipping. She hits the teacher with very great pleasure and talk to him humiliatingly. During this time she laughts at his misery. Yeh. It is very entertaining to the beautiful Mistress. After the cruel torture she makes him to lick her beautifull soles. In this clips you can see: She called her lovers-servant and gives him a multiple orgasms during this time poor teacher has to lick her soles. She very enjoy to plays with two men same time and tortures them. She tortures her servant with two ruined orgasms and finally gives him a normal because she wants lot of cum. Poor teacher submitted her totally and she makes him to lick the cum from her soles.