Humiliatrix – Cruel Girlfriend – Bratty Ex-Girlfriend Cuckysitter

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Haha! I guess your new girlfriend is even meaner to you than I was! How do you attract such cruel bitches huh? First you dated me, and I treated you like dirt until I dumped you and then you hook up with little miss perfect and now she’s already out fucking other guys while you’re left at home with the cuckysitter. She’s heartless cucky – she called me up and asked me to keep an eye on you while she was out with her real man. She knew I totally broke your heart when I dumped you so having me cuckysit you must be so humiliating for you right? She’s out with that sleazy guy she works with and you know he’s gonna fuck her tonight don’t you? She wants to fuck him – she knows you hate him so much – she’s going to fuck him just to spite you… just like I used to do. When I dated you, I used to deliberately cheat on you with all your rivals. I used to be such a slut for all the guys who made fun of you and bullied you. You just can’t escape being cuckolded, can you? Your new girlfriend is fucking other guys just like I used to and she’s invited me here to humiliate you while she’s doing it. I have some extra-humiliating news for you too cuckold. I’ve invited my boyfriend over to cuckysit you with me. Now that really is going to be extra-humiliating because I’m going to let him lock your tiny cock in chastity. He took your ex-girlfriend away from you and now he’s going to lock your cock in chastity so you won’t be able to get hard or jerk off ever again. It’s not like your new girlfriend will miss anything – she’s going to be getting all the real man cock she could ever want – especially now that she’s found the perfect cuckysitters for you right?