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Posted: January 25, 2020

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mushroom has been misbehaving as per usual so todays punishment starts with his useless body being dragged into the toilet. I viscously verbally humiliate him and remind him of what he actually is……. nothing. I command him to clean the filthy toilet only using his mouth and tongue, he must make sure it is spotless. he looks distraught at the daunting task ahead of him which only spurs My insults to harshen. I stand over him making sure his cleaning skills are up to My standards. I then decide to use the toilet Myself and he becomes My human toilet furniture. The tissue I use I force him to chew and swallow whilst I callously laugh at him. I drench him with My spit and then force his head down the toilet. I hold him here and flush the chain until he’s coughing and choking on the water being forced down his orifices. So deliciously cruel and toilet !


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