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Posted: September 5, 2022

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Arriving home to find the nerd she hired to do her homework resting, Jasper grabs the book from his face and slaps it down onto his lap. Suspicion starts to build when he mentions not worrying about her grade, and she decides to log onto the student portal and check for herself. Anger furrows her brow when she realizes she has a C in almost every class, but the loser continues to defend himself; only cementing his place on her bad side. She finds her composure, takes a breath, and interrupts him to slam her boots onto his lap, demanding he remove them. He complies begrudgingly, murmuring to himself as he pulls each boot off, and peels the sweaty socks from her feet. Jasper can feel the excitement building as he begins to rub her feet, blissfully unaware of the punishment that lies before him. She asks him, “I am known to be forgiving, yes?”. He nods unsurely, eyes darting from feet to face, nervousness beginning to creep in. Jasper laughs maniacally and lifts one foot from his lap to his face, scrunching her toes over his nose and demanding a sniff.. And before long, takes advantage of his unassuming, open mouth. She slips her toes in first, grinning and verbally degrading him. Slowly she shoves the length of her foot into his throat, staring into his eyes and asserting how badly he’s screwed up before rapidly gagging him over, and over. With every push of her leg, her enthusiasm and passion grow. Feeling him squirm beneath her, gagging warm spit around her foot ignites a certain sadistic quality in Jasper.. Throwing & flipping him in any position she desires, things are an aroused blur for her… until he can’t seem to stop attempting to close his mouth. Her frustration grows, and she leaves him coughing and suffering on the floor with the spark of an idea.
Lying on the floor in a puddle of fear and confusion, the nerd is jolted back to reality when a dental gag is shoved into his mouth, his teeth and lips to stay open for Jaspers feet. His mind racing with questions, his throat agitated, and tears streaming down his face; he has no choice but to take her feet as deep as she desires. She slides one in, groaning with excitement and pushing it as deep as she can. His eyes close as he braces himself when he feels something tighten around the back of his neck, his head onto her. Eyes now wide with panic, he realizes Jasper now has a red switch. Any hope of worming away is lost, even as he flails and pulls away, gagging incessantly. “I do not forgive” she growls with a smirk. If only he’d known he was hired by a foot dominatrix…


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