Joe – ‘SEXUAL EDUCATION CLASS’ of ‘ImMeganLive’ studio

SEXUAL EDUCATION CLASS of ImMeganLive studio preview

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Hello, welcome to this special sex education class, my name is Professor Megan. For our first class I’m going to teach you something very important Do you think you will be able to master yourself? I think I have a lot to teach you that you will have to deal with. Let’s start with the basics of love and affection. What I mean by that is I’m going to teach you how to please yourself just as much as I please myself. I think I know what turns you on. So you’re going to touch yourself and play with yourself. Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t always look in my eyes. I know it’s very hard for you to stay focused especially with what I’m going to show you today. Let’s make ourselves more comfortable. I’m gonna need you to take your pants off. You heard right, come on! And unbutton me that too tight underwear so I can see your nice big cock. And while you are undressing, I also take off a piece of clothing. It will give you some motivation. Do you like what I wear? I am the perfect slutty teacher fantasy you always dreamed of having come true. Now that we’re comfortable I’ll show you how to jerk your cock well. I want you to take your cock very firmly and when you wank it I want you to think about me and how you want to fuck me … mmh I’m all wet thinking about this taboo! Keep on jerking off and maybe I’ll do a demonstration with your cock, maybe by sucking it…Mmmh I bet your balls are full and you want to explode and that’s why when you jerk off you have to take your balls and massage them, massage them gently, just like you would massage my big slutty tits. Keep it up … mmmmh …Are you ready for me to become a real slutty teacher? I want you to go faster, I’m going to lubricate your cock with my saliva… It’s okay eh. You like it jerking off in front of your teacher, good boy. If you’re a good student maybe I’ll give you a second private lesson. Stroke the head of your cock well, twist your hand around it. Go on … go on … it feels good…Stop! Don’t touch your cock anymore! Just imagine that it goes straight between my breasts.As a reward for being a good boy, and since you listened carefully to your teacher, I’m going to let you see what’s under my skirt. I know you want to see my ass, don’t you? Ohh yes! Do you want to fuck your teacher huh? If you jerk off perfectly I’ll let you put two fingers in my wet little pussy. Faster! Even faster. That’s so good huh? And I’ll go on and on and on with my jerking off instructions about the basics until I get your cum all over my face, mouth open, tongue out and waiting and begging for it with a 10 seconds cum countdown. (No cum visible).