Joi – AstroDomina – GYM PERV GETS SHRUNK AND EATEN feat Astrodomina

 AstroDomina  GYM PERV GETS SHRUNK AND EATEN feat Astrodomina  preview

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You try to remember what happened.. last thing you can remember is gawking and staring at Sydney’s ass at your gym, and now you find yourself dazed, fuzzy and shrunken inside her waistband. Suddenly she grabs you with her giant hand and holds you right up to her face! How did you get here?! Well, Sydney explains that she’s seen you perving on her ass during classes and in the gym and well, she decided to shrink you and teach you a lession!
She gives you a nice sloseup view of the ass you’ve been perving over. It’s the size of a football stadium compared to your tiny little body! Her giant ass hovers above you as she talks about how she could completely destroy you with it! But that’s not really how she wants to do away with you. No you see, Sydney worked up an appetite at the gym and her favorite protein snacks happen to be tiny little men!
Well, little gym pervert? Are you ready to face the music? Sydney’s really excited to eat you, but not before teasing you first for a few minutes. She gives you a nice long closeup view of her mouth and tongue and talks about how great it’s going to be to eat you, knowing you’re going to become part of her ass! She dangles you right above her mouth, all she would have to do is drop you in..