JOI Fantasy – Goddess Kawaii – jerking to my wrinkled soles

Goddess Kawaii  jerking to my wrinkled soles preview

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Hello my little pathetic foot slave, I see that you’re really horny for my feet today. You just sit right there and jerk your little dick, while I tease you with my sexy wrinkled soles. My toenail polish is such a beautiful color iridescent purple, and my feet are nicely pedicured. You will do as I command and open your mouth while I put my foot right into it. Suck on my feet, worship them with your mouth while you jerk your pathetic dick. You cannot resist a beautiful dominant female with sexy feet like mine. You will spoil and serve me not only with your mouth but with your wallet as well. You will follow my instructions to jerk your dick and you will come on command. I will countdown to 10, if you obey I will allow you to cum. Don’t disappoint me little pet. I am a Femdom Goddess and you will treat me as such. On your knees with your dick in your hand, stroking and edging while I flex my feet in your face. Showing off how wrinkly they can get! You want to lick and suck every inch of my perfect feet.