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Come on in. I know it’s your first session and you’re a little nervous, but there’s no need. I know you’ve been a fan of mine for a long time now. I know a lot more about you than you think. See, I know you’ve been hiding something. You neglected to mention in your interview that you had a wife and that she has no idea you’re coming to see me. How do I know this? Why, you wife is a client of mine. She came to understand your addiction. She wanted to know what was so special about me that you would effectively cheat on her to fantasize and be with me. Well she learned quickly. So quickly that now she too is my slave. I have her tied up in the back right now. I plan to let her pleasure me in all sorts of fantastic ways as you sit tied up in the corner. Is that too much? Can you handle that? If not, you can leave right now, and I’ll never see you again. But your wife will be forever mine. Or you could stay and fulfill this slave fantasy you’ve had for so long and be mine.