Joi – Goddess JessiBelle – Hands Free Therapy Session

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I think I finally have a handle on this addiction that you have. I am glad that I was able to get some information out of you. I know that writing these things down can often be easier than saying them out loud. So you agreed to a bet with a woman that says that you can cum without touching your cock and every time you do you have to pay her $100?
I must say that I advise against this. I believe that this is a slippery slope. You might feel inclined to avoid paying her when she is proven right, but then you’d never be able to get hard and cum again. You’d need to fulfill the stipulations of the bet or you’d feel empty and soft.
Once you pay her you’d open the door to paying her more and more and over time you’d end up needing to up the ante. You could end up paying her a lot of money.
I know that this is unethical and unprofessional, but when you came to me for help I told my girlfriends all about this need to keep your hands off your cock and your need to pay women when you cum hands free. We all got a good laugh out of it and I told them I bet I was able to get a thousand out of you within the first week!
A strange thing has been happening, I’ve been getting gift cards in my email, I assume those were from you? Of course they were. I know you want to obey me and cum for me without touching your cock! I am going to turn you into my little cash cow. Every session I will charge you twice as much and you will gladly pay all because you’re weak and not a man! I am going to get so much money out of you that I won’t need any other patients!