Joi – Tease Goddess – Whatever Goddess Wants

 Tease Goddess  Whatever Goddess Wants  preview

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The ties that bind you to me are getting tighter, you feel like something inside of you is breaking and it is. It’s your will. Your useless ego quietly getting obliterated under the weight of my perfection. Kneel on the floor and listen to me softly whisper your own destruction into your ears as I slowly slip out of my clothes, mere inches away from your face. I’m so close you can smell my perfume as I remind you who and what owns you body, mind, and spirit. You can’t keep your eyes off my luscious breasts peeking out of my sheer teddy. I bring you back with a snap of my fingers and a flick of my stiletto. My long, muscular legs leave you breathless. Who makes the rules pet? That’s right. See you already know all the answers and who has them. I take the torment up several notches when I stretch out onto my stomach and roll my ass right into your face, my dancer’s legs toying with you like a cat with a mouse. This is a day you will never forget; the day you fully succumbed to your new life and consciousness: giving goddess whatever she wants.
This clip features goddess worship, ass worship, slave training, femdom POV, sensual domination, high heels, muscular legs, some brief ASMR, pussy control, panty fetish, mesmerize, and mind fuck.