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I’m going to make you eat all of your sperm, just because i can. I love toying with weak boys like you, it’s just so easy.
I’m even going to through in a bit of blackmail-fantasy. If you try and chicken out, i will spread a nasty rumor about you. I don’t even know if what i have made up is true, or not. That’s the funny thing about rumors, they don’t even have to be true, and one spread my me will stick for life.
So, better drop your pants and start jerking in-front of me. I’m going to tell you exactly how i want you to stroke it. You’re going to beat and pump your cock for me. I know i make you so hard, especially when i tease you, with my panties, my cute ass, and my pert tits.
I unbutton my shirt and show you my see-through bra, making you so desperate to please me.
You will cum where i tell you to, and i will tell you how i want you to eat it.