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Here puppy! Come here, puppy! That’s a GOOD boy. Bark for me, puppy. Wag your tail. What an eager little pet! Natasha is going to train you into a VERY good little doggie. I’ll teach you how to be my obedient pet, my well behaved little bitch.
My puppy is so excited to be a good boy for his owner, isn’t he? You’re going to learn some tricks that will really please me. Ready? Bark and wag. Show me what a little bitch you are. Good boy!!
When you’re good for me, you get rewarded with a treat. Just like all good puppies do! Take your paws and rub that doggie dick, my little pet. Hump the ground like a good boy. And bark, bark, bark for me! Puppy is going to cum like a good boy. A happy little pet, humping and barking and coming for his owner. My puppy always obeys, because he’s my pet. MY bitch.
Commands, Encouragement, Female Domination, FemDom, Goddess Worship, Masturbation Instruction, Ownership, Slave Training, Sub Training, Transformation Fantasy