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REA  Bath Time  Real Life Foot Worship And Servitude of GODDESS REA LONGEST LEGS studio preview

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I have messages EVERY DAY from you losers, saying that you want to be my slaves. I already told many times what you have to do to have such a posibility, now you will see how I want my slave to be, showing you a part of my routine with my houseslave.
I relax on my couch and he reports that my bath is ready. I walk to take my bath while he follows me on his knees. The water temperature is perfect, so I let my slave worship my feet while I bath, I love to have both together! Of course I get a little kinky with him, having some foot fun! Finally I go out of the bath, he makes me dry with a soft towel and I wipe my feet on him, using him as a rug, until finally I go to back to my couch, feeling fresh while my slave has to clean the bath and do his other tasks. Would you dream of being in his place?