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I am Mean Girls own Amazonian Goddess…Tall, Curvy, Sexy and of course super gorgeous ��
Oh and my also perfect size 10 feet…
Anywhere I go pathetic males grovel at my feet and beg to worship me. It was to no surprise that this foot freak was begging to worship my man crushing size feet. Since this loser was so obedient and did as he was told I decided I would give the freak a chance. BUT it wasn’t only going to do an hour session worshipping my feet…it was going to be locked at the foot of my bed at the Mean Girl Manor FOR DAYS! Only so that I could torture it with my amazing feet every single morning.
No male would ever say no to me…they wouldn’t dare say no or risk getting SQUASHED. I must say I would much rather men under my feet where they belong, but I do thoroughly enjoy waking up to a loser begging to worship my pedicured size 10 feet.
You know you wish you were in this freaks place…you’re pathetic cock twitching every time you saw my perfect feet. Well then why don’t you reach out to us so I can OWN you too…