K2s.cc – Victoria Voxxx, Will Havoc starring in video ‘Female Sexually Dominates Man Who Underestimated Her’ of ‘Evolved Fights’ studio

Victoria Voxxx Will Havoc starring in video Female Sexually Dominates Man Who Underestimated Her of Evolved Fights studio preview

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Will Havoc has a pretty good wrestling record. He has two losses against two legit grapplers. Today he is a taking on Victoria Vox who has never wrestled a day in her life but she did grow up with a lot of brothers who use to kick her ass a lot so she definitely knows how to throw down.
This match is incredibly close. The loser only loses by 1 stinking point but all in all, it’s a pretty definitive win for the victor. These two sexual gladiators put so much sexual energy into this match. They are constantly doing mutual masturbation, kissing, facesitting, rear naked holds, body scissor, and pins on each other all the meanwhile throwing their sexual dominance at each other. It’s a true power play game.
The loser is fucked in the ass hole, used for the winner’s pleasure, and then anally fisted and then rubbed more and more after orgasm to intensify the feeling so much it becomes irritating. Loser must worship the feet and muscles of the sweaty, sexy winner.
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