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Posted: July 8, 2020

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It really has come to this. You would rather jerk to my clips than have sex with your wife. Your sex life with the women you married is totally non-existent but you absolutely thrive off of summing to my clips over and over. One clip quickly turned into two, three, four, now you are online daily excitedly downloading new wank material and eagerly dropping your trousers.
Fucking your wife is not a patch on orgasming to my clips. You kick yourself for not finding me sooner. I make you feel alive, I make you instantly hard and if it came down to it you would divorce her over my clips. I am your sex life, you save your cum each and every time to watch my clips and drain yourself dry. I own your cock, I own your orgasms and being married to my clips is the best thing in your life. You often wonder what would happen if I no longer produce clips, would you ever get hard for your wife again? The fact feels you with fear and you lose yourself in stroking all over again. Go on, cum once more. I know you can’t resist me.


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