– Miss Melissa – Tricked Into Eating Your Own Cum

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You are a call girl coming back from an evening out which I have paid for. You’re still playing the role of letting me be the “man” but in a way that you’re hiding the knowledge of how submissive I am. As we get into the hotel room you know there are some expectations that are incumbent, but instead of just going along you decide with a smirk to push how far of a submissive I am. You start talking about how much you know I’d love a blow job and then come to the surprise realization that I’d also LOVE to blow a load onto your face. This prompts you to go into a charade where you keep referencing how good of a blow job I will get but in the mean time I will be stroking my own dick. Still under these false pretenses you get me into a situation of lying on my back(with obvious lies while giggling) so that I am to give MYSELF a facial. The end will have you tickled with yourself for manipulating me and laughing at how gullible and submissive I am.*******Second video of the series – Tricked Into Eating Your Own Cum – mp4