– The Tabitha Jane starring in video ‘Magical Control: Holiday Intruder’

The Tabitha Jane starring in video Magical Control Holiday Intruder preview

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Some one intrudes on my house, to presumably take my not yet wrapped Christmas gifts! Unfortunately for him, he has no clue I’m a witch. I pop into the scene and tell him to get out. He doesn’t listen and even says some terrible things to me, so I’m left with no choice- I magically remove his clothes and begin my humiliations.
I’ve done this before, I explain. My ornaments on my tree are even past men who have wronged me. I mention my past uses for naughty humans and my plans for him. I transform him into many creatures, laughing and enjoying this.
He’s at my beck and call, and I can do this as long as I wish. It’s great because maybe he will learn his lesson. He still seems to resist so I plague him with body control- itching, muscle spasms, JOI and shrunken balls. I get some pleasant results and laugh so I continue my humiliations with him as a sweet little creature. I describe his new life and ponder my next steps….