Kicking – Ball Busting Beauties – BBB – Indica’s First Time Ballbusting

Ball Busting Beauties  BBB  Indicas First Time Ballbusting preview

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Indica has never done ballbusting like this, but today is her lucky day. Wearing her heavy black leather boots, she starts out kicking lightly and trying to get her aim perfect. Suddenly, Indica picks up the intensity and begins to pulverize her victim’s balls with harder and harder kicks, attempting to get him to drop to the ground. Every time she is able to make him fall, the sound of genuine joy can be heard in her laughing at his pain. Wanting to mix it up her ballbusting technique, Indica also tests out how hard she can knee him in the groin. Grabbing him by the shoulders she unleashes a fury of knees, slamming her strong thighs as hard as she can up into his balls. With his balls become swollen and the massive erection in his pants clearly pitching a tent, she lines her foot up for a devastating toe kick that drops her male victim instantly! Indica finishes him off with three absolutely destructive kicks that leave him writhing on the ground!!