Latina – EMPRESS JENNIFER – The Party Boy

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Don’t try to move or scream.. I’ve injected you just enough so that you cant; just feel. you see, I throw these special parties.. Where the best slaves come to entertain Me and My friends. I have the body and brain to entertain, and so do you. The only difference is, yours is made to received. Tonight I’m a giver. your arms, legs and vocal chords are all shot. your voice will comeback a bit soon. Just in time to start the show.. our show. Do you understand? This will be unlike anything you can imagine. All eyes on you! I’ve left your cock untouched.. for now.. everyone here wants to see you squirm and scream in agony.. Because how often can we witness something like this? This is art.. this will be beautiful. Everyone will love you andlove this.. When this is all finished. Or I should say, when you are finished.. you will be the best. until the next one.. Are you ready to become the best you’ve ever been for the best you’ve ever met? This will hurt.. and it will be tough.. but greatness is tough.. you will be the greatest slave and sacrifice. I just may be the Devil.. but I will show you what Heaven actually is.