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This was a custom video here is the script I followed…You walk in exhausted from a “long day at the office.” Speak to the camera as if you were talking to me, your husband. You start off by telling me how your boss, who is black, called you into his office to discipline you because of your unprofessional work attire. He was straight to the point and since he is so much taller than you when you sat down and he stood there talking to you, his crotch was at eye level with you. Like I said, he was straight to the point and pulled his big black cock out and slapped you across the face with it and threatened to fire you if you didn’t play along. Say that although there is no way that we can survive without your paycheck since you work for such a prestige Law firm, you were still turned on by him doing this to you. Tell me how he then proceeded to fuck your big tits with his big black dick.
Now you can change the tone and tell me how by this point you were so horny by what he was doing to you with his big black dick. Tell me how he bent you over his desk and pounded your pussy with his big black dick. By this point you can tell me how much you really enjoyed it and how he made you cum over and over for at least a half-hour. Tell me how he finished off in your mouth and you liked it and even thanked him. End the video by telling me that your boss sent a message home with you for me. Your ass, big tits and pussy now belong to him and you completely agree with him because tonight you realized what you have been missing out on. Say, “I know it’s date night but I am so exhausted” and then walk off camera. The end.
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