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Posted: December 6, 2021
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Reality Girls Scissors  Making Kaia Angry preview

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Kaia Callous the great Kaia has Charles beating the mat in her famous straight headcissors. She is seated on the chair above the mat. Kaia pulls Chares to the middle of her mat and makes him tap. She continues to use her straight headscissors and then again she jerks Chares’ neck with her straight headcissors. Her modified figure-four headcissors — straight skullscissors; brutal bodyscissors; camel clutches make Chares scream; brutal throatscissors – one of the more brutal holds in submission wrestling. Half-dreamed by her modified figure-4 headscissors, she slaps him. Her standing headscissors are causing her glutes to pound the floor and her legs to ache. Her quad division is evident as she locks onto her standing headcissors — her Calf choke — which have him flailing. Kaia takes a tie from her mat and places it around the neck of the man. He is shocked by the result. She grabs his neck and plunges him onto the mat. Then she ends the scene with her frightening Japanese headscissors.


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