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Posted: July 17, 2021
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Reality Girls Scissors  Nikki Owns Tom preview

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The angel-faced Master, Nikki Next, here scores one of her deepest and most extreme induced rests ever. Tom is kneeling and napping; his head bobbing and neck dancing. Nikki grabs him and holds onto him with the sweetness in her spirit. At 20, important bits of spirit can go in an instant — particularly in girls blessed with the beauty of Nikki Next, stolen by folks with mean needs. Nikki draws Tom up in her perfect rear naked choke. She is world-class beautiful. And he’s world-class dazed. He’s placed in the little shapley machines that are her legs and crushed in a straight headscissors. “You got awfully purple,” she laughs. She looks at the heavens and smiles, sneaking behind him to put him in her rear naked choke. He’s gone in seconds. Tom is one of the best, the toughest guys in this thing. Remarkable. She hugs him into her standing headscissors — her developing hamstrings burning his neck with pressure. It’s not easy for a girl her size in that hold, but her lean, nimble legs, strong ass and technique make it work. She locks on her infamous reverse headscicsosors.”Don’t forget to tap,” she tells him. “It’s so scary” she says of what she puts him through, flopping around because of his extreme pain and life tolerance; still, it’s back to the sleeper for him. Nikki’s arms are getting ripped — her shoulder pops out of her white t-shirt, the kind pretty girls rock. He may have gone out again there — hard to tell. She’s hurting him. Her legs are violently strong, and her straight headscissors form is putting too much pressure on his jaw. Just past the 12 minute mark, she out-of-the-blue jolts his neck in a single, snapping headscissors and hurts his jaw. Her look is a study — sympathy and pleasure from what she knows she just did. Then the look is gone. She’s thirsty and we folllow her, smiling, her perfect ass is the sun and being Nikki. Tom is hurt, placed on the 60-day DL retroactive to June 1. Duration: 12:40


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