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Posted: May 19, 2021
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Star Nine  Glamazon Worship preview

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Tiny man, you just sit there and admire the gorgeous legs and body of hot sexy milf Star Nine as she teases and taunts you about how you’ll never measure up to her Glamazon status. Her strong muscular yet shapely legs are the hottest thing you have seen and you’re just dying to be close to her. Even such that you’re willing to put up with her teasing you. None of that matters, even that she is giving you any attention at all is enough for your tiny feeble frame. Her hot Loubies make your cock so hard, watching her tease you with the pointed tip of her red-soled stilettos and you feel like you might loose your mind just from admiring her. You know you will never be worthy to actually worship her goddess body and are completely satisfied when she gives you the new task of licking the soles of her shoes clean.


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