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So this slave BEGGED to come and serve me at the AVNs in Las Vegas- and be my SLAVE while I am there for the weekend partying. He thought it would be hot to be a slave to a pornstar for a weekend. So of course I agreed- as long as he PAID me! (and he had to pay me a LOT! LOL) So I took a -ton of his money up front AND made him sign a legally binding contract that I had a lawyer fan of mine write up for me- that states that he is to be my COMPLETE AND TOTAL SLAVE for the entire weekend! And since he signed that paper, he HAS to let me do literally ANYTHING I want to him! Regardless of whatever HIS stupid fetishes are LOL.
So he thinks its going to be “fun” being my slave and thinks he will get to have sex with me. He has no idea what’s in store for him though LOL. I pull him out of the corner where I have been storing him in my hotel room while I am out partying. (I just leave him there like a bitch while I’m out! Haha.) And I explain to him that I AM finally going to fuck him now- in the ASS!! He starts to beg like a little bitch saying some sh*tt about how that’s not his fetish blah blah blah, but I remind him that he signed that contract- and I can use him for whatever the fuck I want the entire weekend! So he better fucking get up on that table – on all fours dawgy style – and stick his ass out to make it nice and convenient for me!
So now I have his bitch ass up on the table and I get to use my strapon on his virgin asshole and totally RAAPE his ass while I look out over the Vegas skyline, baby! I love my life…and raayping slave-ass against their will! Haha ��
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