Make Me Bi – Subby Hubby – Bella and Raven Train the Pool Dudes Part 2 – Forced Bi

 Subby Hubby  Bella and Raven Train the Pool Dudes Part 2  Forced Bi  preview

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The pool cleaning dudes are out of the heat and inside the house. They think that they have scored big time. However, Raven Eve n Bella Ink have different plans. They tell the guys that they`re kinky. Really kinky! They tell the boys that they probably can’t handle it. The dudes say they are kinky too and are ready to get started with the fun. Bella and Raven tell the boys to take off their pants so they can inspect their packages. The dude with the long blond hair has a tiny cock. The other guy has a big package! Raven and Bella asks the guys if they would both like blow jobs? Of course, the dudes say, hell yeah! The boys must have forgot that these girls are into only the freakiest stuff. Bella tells the blond with the little cock to get on his knees. A second ago he was happy and elated about getting his little dick sucked, now he is scared and confused. They tell him to get down n start sucking his buddy’s big hard cock. Reluctantly, he does as he is commanded. Bella and Raven laugh at him and force his head deeper on the cock. He gags on the hard cock while Bella and Raven continue to force him to take more of the cock down his throat. The slut continues to suck his friend’s cock until he shoots a load all over his face and mouth! That’s the kind of fun Bella and Raven are into.