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Posted: November 26, 2022

Release 2022  Mistress Anna Elite  PIERCED AND PENETRATED PENIS preview

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Slave A has given himself to me for an experimental medical session, an introduction for him to sounding and needle play. He is secured with leather straps to the bench, cock exposed, vulnerable and ready for me to torment. I inspect my sounding rods and choose the thinnest one for this novice. I clean the rod carefully and lay it on his stomach ready for use. This will be an entirely new experience for my slave, and he promises me that he will take this new sensation for me.
Once his cock is prepared to my satisfaction with relentless Doxy wand vibrator, I insert the rod into his urethra. I slowly push it deeper, and he moans in response to this new sensation. My gloved hand glides over his cock, gently stroking against the inserted metal rod. I add another sensation to A’s already aroused penis; I press the wand vibrator against the sounding rod, and the vibrations travel down the length of his shaft. Without my touch on his cock, only the vibrations and the rod, he moans and whispers in pleasure. I fuck his urethra with the rod, and his cock hardens with every stroke of my hand. He is so desperately excited as I tease his cock with my hand and the rod but he knows that he must hold back his over excitement for later on in our session.
I prepare his cock for the next element of this new experience for him. His cock must be hard before I can indulge in some needle play, using his cock as my pin cushion and an outlet for my sadism. I use the wand vibrator again, tormenting his needy cock. I insert the first needle into the glans of his swollen cock. His muscles tense in response and he strains until the needle has exited his flesh. A breath of relief is heard from my masochistic slave, but that is only the first needle of many. He wants to experience extreme pain in our session today, and I will ensure he gets nothing less.
The head of his cock now has a crown of needles, a work of art. I move down the length of his cock, inserting needles one after the other. Relentlessly piercing the skin, sculpting a pattern of needles. My new pin cushion relaxes into his torment as I fill his ballsack with more needles. Once his cock and balls are filled with needles, I use the wand vibe to maximise the sensations of his now highly sensitive skin. After some much deserved torment, I remove each needle carefully, one by one. I adore slave A’s willingness to suffer for me.


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