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Posted: March 8, 2023

Goddess Stella Sol 2020 Sounds Good preview

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Before sending him to bed, I lead My crawling slave into the atrium on his hands and knees. He has no idea what I have planned. He is so eager for one on One time with Me, knowing in due time I will leave him home alone in his chastity. I kick his balls as a warm-up before I fuck his little dick with incrementally larger sounding rods until his hole can’t take more. It is vastly amusing to Me that his desperation for any contact overrides any sensibility and he is simply My pawn. My voice, body, and touch excite him greatly. I laugh while teasing him using My complete transfer of power and the fact that his small dick can only take the three smallest sounding rods. He is sufficiently teased when I sit on his chest for the final insertions. He is such a good slave that as a special favor I vibrate his clitty with no release before leaving him caged with blue balls.


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